We design a solution for all complex problems related to solar energy.

7Energy CONSULTANcy, project & product development


7Energy is  dedicated to turning dreams, desires and bucket lists into reality. We provide different services to different sectors, from the private house lord to construction firms and solar panel suppliers. Let us take take the stress out of getting there so you can get back to dreaming. We design unforgettable products & experiences that are as unique as our clients.

By providing the solution you need

Instead of rolling the dice on information gleaned from anonymous reviews and websites. . . 

Wondering if you’ve dotted all the “i’s” and crossed all the “t’s” on your investment and construction planning. . . 

Crossing your fingers and hoping your investment will be everything you imagine. . .

Our Services


Program for Property owners

On average, energy accounts for 50% of the total utility costs of a property.


Project management

With our hand at the weel, through knowledge and confidence, the project can gain momentum and reach important decisions much faster.

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Product Developing

​Architects and construction companies program


Program for property owners

Info meeting

We start by visiting your board for informing about the market for solar, the advantages of using your roof for producing renewable energy and how to achieve the best return on investment.

Customized training program

You are now ready to move forward and better understand the investment. We develop training material for regular people, with little or basic knowledge of the subject.

Project management

At this stage we connect a supplier to our work and 7Energy acts on your behalf. We prepare all the paperwork including project specifications and follow the installation from up close. At the final stage – we do a quality control of the project to guarantee your investment.

Project Management

World class management

Managing assets has become increasingly complex. We have a complete understanding of the commercial, technical, financial and administrative management of renewable energy assets.

Full range of services

7Energy offers a wide range of services that are supported by our service technology centre. We monitor and manage all performance and commercial activities throughout the project life cycle. The goal is to achieve a higher asset value and reduce risk by optimising processes and on-the-ground performance.

Extensive in-house expertise

Customers can leverage our in-house technical, financial and legal expertise and create individual solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. Customers benefit from having highly trained professional teams proactively manage and operate their assets. 7Energy covers operational risk and optimises returns.

Product development

Market leader

7Energy is a partner for institutional investors such as corporate and industrial businesses. They value us as a reliable partner to provide turnkey projects and portfolios.

Outstanding technical constructions

Specialist knowledge and international experience make a difference. Outstanding construction translates into faster completion and grid connection, as technical installations need no major changes or adjustments.

Highly skilled teams

We have assembled some of the greatest minds in the business. Construction is managed by our in-house team of specialists who coordinate and oversee field processes and procedures, review technical design and installations, and report on progress. Our construction team is experienced in installation methods and site procedures, ensuring that components and installations comply with requirements during all phases of construction.

Partnership programs

Officials and politicians are pushing the development forward in the field of renewable energy. Resources and knowledge vary in different municipalities and regions. We are your natural support in the work with solar energy, electric cars and smart solutions.


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