Increase property value and reduce operating costs and revenues from solar energy.​


Project management, consultation and installation of solar panels

Research & development

Total responsibility for the project education, research, finance, time and human resources.

Villa project in Gothenburg. Installation of 20 highly efficient 320 W panels from Jinko Solar, oriented towards the east and west. The family gets a share of self-produced solel in the morning and in the evening when the electricity requirement is greatest. The solar cells produce about 4600 kWh a year, which means a repayment period of 10 years with today's low electricity prices. The property value obviously goes up with reduced operating costs and the money from the sale of the surplus portion. For the family, this is also an investment for the future - the possibility exists to use the solar energy to, for example, charge electric car / electric bike and other equipment.

Private Villa

Villa 6,4 kW Göteborg


Overall responsibility within supplying and installation.

Project target

To Increase property value and reduce operating costs and revenues from solar energy.​

Panels Alignment : East - West

Morning sun and evening sun provide high self-use for an ordinary villa.

Project management

Industry 50 kW Mölndal

Project management

Planning of supplying, delivery and project timeline, and resources.

Project definition

To find a solution to feed Energy-demanding machines that are active during times when the solar cells produce.

No Holes in the roof

Flat cardboard roof where ballast mounting system has been used.

Project management, consultation and installation of solar panels on a large, flat industrial roof in Mölndal. The company has very energy-intensive manufacturing and basically uses all the electricity itself. A flat roof is perfect for solar cells because the panels can be oriented so that the energy is produced when the building needs it most and thus lowers the electricity costs. The mounting system that holds the panels in place is a stable construction that allows installation without the need to drill the ceiling which is an important climate shell in the building.
Project development for the regional development project Sol i Väst - an investment in the training of public and private property owners in Västra Götaland in the area of solar energy. Planning of finances, time and resources for the project that is going on 2016-2019. Development of publications and sub-projects within the framework of the work on solar energy at the Energy Office West. Initiator and coordinator of initiatives to increase the skills of property owners, which leads to more installed solar cell installations at a regional and national level.

Project Development

Sol i Väst Göteborg

Overall management

Total responsibility for the project regarding budgets, timelines and human resources.


3-year education project with two groups and at least 4 occasions per year.

Fantastic Response

Final results: Very satisfied participants who have received tools to work with solar energy.


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